Turkish Journal of Botany

Characters Dependent to Habitat in Populations of Delphinium Cyphoplectrum Boiss. (Ranunculaceae) in East Anatolia (Turkey)




Many of investigators have different views on the systematic position of D. cyphoplectrum Boiss. Three varieties which belong to it have been distinguished in ÒFlora of TurkeyÓ. This division is based on such characters as hairyness, flower colour, breadth of leaf segment, shape and apex of spur. The main aim of this research is to find out if these varieties may be separated by these characters. Plants belong to D. cyphoplectrum in East Anatolia were therefore grown in different habitats and the importance of diagnostic characters which mentioned previously were discussed. Field observations and transplantation experiments showed that main cause of difficulty in variety level may be as an adaptation to the different ecological conditions. On the population level, not any clear differences between varieties were found a number of intermediate forms occur. A number of characters show extreme variation and there is no need for dividing this species which geographical distribution is only East Anatolia, into varieties in Turkey.


Delphinium cyphoplectrum, taxonomy, East Anatolia.

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