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Anatomical Investigations on Campanula L. Taxa That Distributed in (B3) Eskisehir Region




The anatomy of roots, stems and leaves of Campanula L. taxa occuring Following taxa are compared; in Eskisehir have been investigated as anatomical. According to results obtaining from anatomical studies; Subgen.CAMPANULA: Campanula lyrata Lam., subsp. lyrata (sect. Quinqueloculares) C. rapunculoides L, subsp. cordifolia (C.Koch) (sect.Campanula), C. glomerata L.subsp. hispida (Witasek) Hayek.(sect.Involucrata), C. argaea Boiss. et Bal. (sect.Spicatae), C. cymbalaria Sm.(sect.Saxicolae), Subgen.RAPUNCULUS: C. persicifolia L.(sect.Rapunculus), C. olympica Boiss.(sect. Rapunculus). C.lyrata subsp.lyrata and C.argaea are endemics to Turkey. In consequence of the investigation at the and of the anatomical examing of taking sections from roots, stems and leaves, the structures which include general diagnostic properties of taxa are hairs on epiderm of stem and leaves; and laticifers in roots and stems are present or not, collenchymatic tissues at cortex is found or not, interfascicular region in roots is wide or narrow, mesophyll tissue at leave is bifacial or not.


Campanula, anatomy, flora, Turkey

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