Turkish Journal of Botany

Studies on the Autecology of Capparis L. Species Distributed in West Anatolia




This investigation presents our results concerning the autecology of Capparis spinosa L. and Capparis ovata Desf., distributed in West Anatolia, in particular soil-plant relationships. These plants generally grow on soils with sandy loam texture, which are slightly-medium alkaline in nature. The soils supporting these species are rich in calcium carbonate and organic matter contents and are not affected by salinity. Plant as well as soil samples collected from the investigated sites were found to be rich in nitrogen and phosphorus. Interrelations between N,P,K contents in soils and plants were studied statistically and regression vis-‰-vis correlation coefficients obtained are presented. Above ground parts, in particular flower buds, were found to be rich in protein content.


Capparis, Soil.

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