Turkish Journal of Botany

The Flora of the Subalpine and Alpine Region of the Çambasi High Plateau (Ordu) and Its Vicinity




The study area is situated in the western part of the Eastern Black Sea Mountains. From the phytogeographical point of view, it is located in the Euxine province of the Euro-Siberian floristic region. A total of 323 taxa belonging to 58 families and 181 genus from the study area have been determined during this investigation. The distribution of these taxa according to phytogeographic regions is as follows Euro-Siberian, 26.62 %; Euxine, 16.40 %; Hyrcano-Euxine, 3.72 % (Total Euro-Siberian is 46.74 %); IranoTuranien, 4.03 %; and Mediterranean 0.93%. The ratio of unknown floristic regions or pleuriregionals is 48.30 %. The number of endemic taxa is 28, and 15 of these taxa are endemic for the Euxine province and Euro-Siberian region. Endemic taxa make up 8.7 % of the total flora. Seventy-eight taxa are new records from the A6 and A7 squares for the Flora of Turkey.


Flora, Alpine-Subalpine, Ordu, Turkey

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