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Drug repurposing is the strategy of drug utilization for a treatment option other than the intended indications and has increased over the past decades, especially within cancer nanomedicine. Cancer nanomedicine has been facilitated through nanoparticle-based (NP-based) delivery systems which can combat NSCLC via recent advances in nanotechnology and apply its benefits to existing drugs. An effective therapeutic solution could be gained via repurposing and accelerated via NP-based drug delivery systems. This review aims to present an overview of NSCLC treatments with a special focus on drug repurposing with details of clinical study advances and NP-based drug delivery systems for NSCLC. First, molecular mechanisms of the FDA-approved drugs for NSCLC including ROS1 TKI repotrectinib, which was approved in November 2023, were detailed. Further, in vitro studies utilized the combination strategy of both drug repurposing and np-based drug delivery systems as a treatment strategy against NSCLC is listed including the most recent nanoparticle-based drug delivery system study with a repurposed drug-loaded nanoparticles.


drug repurposing, nanoparticle-based drug delivery systems, NSCLC

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