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Background/aim: Photodynamic therapy (PDT) has received great attention over the past decade in the treatment of diseases such as leukemia which is a cancer of the blood and bone marrow cells that causes a significant number of deaths worldwide. In this study, it was aimed to investigate the effects of Nile blue-mediated PDT (NB-mediated PDT) on HL60 cells. Materials and methods: The effect of NB-mediated PDT on cell proliferation was evaluated with cell volume analysis using flow cytometry at 24 h. Cell apoptosis, ROS production, mitochondrial membrane potential, and cell cycle analysis were evaluated using annexin V-FITC, H2 DCFDA, JC-1, and PI staining, respectively, by flow cytometry and fluorescence microscopy. The morphological and ultrastructural analyses were examined by Giemsa staining and SEM. CD11b staining is used to determine the differentiation of leukemia cells. Results: NB-mediated PDT induced an apoptotic response at 12.5 µM in HL60 cells. When Giemsa staining and SEM images were evaluated, apoptotic bodies, holes, and occasional folds were detected on the surfaces of cells in the NB-mediated PDT group. Conclusion: The NB-mediated PDT had no effect on the differentiation of leukemia cells, but this therapy affects the growth of HL60 cells in vitro, which may provide a new idea for removing leukemic cells from bone marrow intended for autologous transplant.


Nile blue, photodynamic therapy, leukemia, apoptosis

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