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Phylogenetic trees are useful tools to infer evolutionary relationships between genetic entities. Phylogenetics enables not only evolution-based gene clustering but also the assignment of gene duplication and deletion events to the nodes when coupled with statistical approaches such as bootstrapping. However, extensive gene duplication and deletion events bring along a challenge in interpreting phylogenetic trees and require manual inference. In particular, there has been no robust method of determining whether one of the paralog clades systematically shows higher divergence following the gene duplication event as a sign of functional divergence. Here, we provide Phylostat, a graphical user interface that enables clade divergence analysis, visually and statistically. Phylostat is a web-based tool built on phylo.io to allow comparative clade divergence analysis, which is available at https://phylostat.adebalilab.org under an MIT open-source licence.


Phylogenetics, paralog, ortholog, divergence, statistics, phylogenetic tree, visualization, vector graphics, web server

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