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Small molecules are widely used for the modulation of the molecular basis of diseases. This makes them the perfect tool for discovering and developing new therapeutics. In this work, we have established a library of small molecules in house and characterized its molecular and druglike properties. We have shown that most small molecules have molecular weights less than 450. They have pharmaceutically relevant cLogP, cLogS, and druglikeness value distributions. In addition, Meinox's small molecule library contained small molecules with polar surface areas that are less than 60 square angstroms, suggesting their potent ability to cross the blood-brain barrier. Meinox's small molecule library was also tested in vitro for pathologically distinct forms of cancer, including pancreatic adenocarcinoma PANC1, breast carcinoma MCF7, and lymphoblastic carcinoma RS4-11 cell lines. Analysis of this library at a dose of 1 μM allowed the discovery of potent, specific or broadly active anticancer compounds against pathologically distinct cancers. This study shows that in vitro analysis of different cancers or other phenotypic assays with Meinox small molecule library may generate novel and potent bioassay-specific compounds.


Screening, small molecules, Meinox small molecule library, cytotoxicity

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