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In this study, 341 Bacillus sp. strains were isolated from agricultural soils of Turkey. The potent extracellular lipase producer was selected. It was identified by 16S rRNA, named as Bacillus cereus ATA179. Optimal nutritional and physical parameters for lipase production were determined. Sucrose as the carbon source, (NH4)2HPO4 as the nitrogen source, CaCl2 as the metal ion were obtained. The best results of physical parameters were stated at 45°C, pH 7.0, shaking rate 50 rpm, inoculation amount 7% and inoculum age 24 h. ATA179 strain showed a 51% increase in enzyme production in the modified medium created by optimizing nutritional and physical conditions. Optimum pH value and temperature were found as 6.0 and 55 °C, respectively. CaCl2, Tween 20, Triton X-100 had an activating effect on enzyme activity. Vmax and Km kinetic values were found as 18.28 U/mL and 0.11 mM, respectively. The molecular weight was determined as 47 kDa. Lipase was found to be stable up to 75 days at -20 ºC. The potential of the enzyme in detergent industry was also investigated. It was not affected by detergent additives, but was found to be effective in removing oils from contaminated fabrics. This new lipase may have potential to be used in detergent industry.


Contaminated fabric, enzyme, enzymatic properties, screening, tributyrin assay

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