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The roles of MYB transcription factors are diverse and important in regulating environmental stress in plants. In this study, the R2R3 MYB gene FvMYB2 (GenBank Accession No. KY767843) and its promoter region were cloned from ash (Fraxinus velutina Torr.). Phylogenetic analysis revealed that FvMYB2 was clustered with VvMYB60 from Vitis vinifera. PlantCARE software analysis showed that its promoter contained different cis elements involved in diverse abiotic stresses. The expression patterns of FvMYB2 were investigated under different abiotic stress conditions. FvMYB2 subcellular localization was mainly localized in the nucleus. Overexpression of FvMYB2 in tobacco showed enhanced salt resistance and upregulation of stress- and ABA-related genes after NaCl treatment. These results indicated that FvMYB2 may play a positive role in salt stress regulation mediated by ABA-dependent signaling mechanisms.


Ash, MYB transcription factor, transcription, salt stress

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