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Physical exercise is beneficial for bone tissue health, yet its usage is limited for preventing osteoporosis. Even though natural for the bone tissue from development to homeostasis, mechanical loads present with a multitude of physical parameters, including amplitude, duration, frequency, and distribution. Utilizing the most beneficial parameters of mechanical loads may potentiate a nonpharmaceutical tool for biotechnology to prevent and treat bone loss related to aging, bedrest, sedentary lifestyles, weightlessness, and other diseases. Low intensity vibrations (LIVs) consist of mechanical loads with amplitudes smaller than loads prescribed by habitual activity, with a higher frequency. In this review, literature covering LIV signal application on bone tissue and cellular and molecular level is presented. Studies indicate that LIV signals are safe, anabolic, and anticatabolic for skeletal tissue and are of great significance in regenerative medicine applications.


Vibrations, osteoporosis, osteogenesis, cellular biomechanics, osteoblasts, mesenchymal stem cells

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