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The effects of NaCl on expression of some genes related to salinity tolerance in grape (Vitis L.) were investigated. According to our screening study on eighteen grape genotypes, H6 and Gharashani (tolerant) and Shirazi and GhezelUzum (sensitive) were selected for molecular analysis. Our tolerant genotypes showed a higher water potential and a lower MDA content compared to other genotypes. Plants were treated with 50 mM NaCl as a critical concentration that is not lethal for grape. The expression profile of VvNHL1 in leaves of all genotypes and in roots of tolerant genotypes was similar to that of VvEDS1; these genes probably associated in defense responses. VvP450 and VvCPN21 transcripts were expected only in leaves, but they were also detected in roots. VvChS and VvPAL transcripts accumulated significantly (P < 0.05) in leaves of tolerant genotypes under salinity. Our results showed a significant difference between tolerant and sensitive genotypes and highlighted a strong relationship between the accumulation of specific transcripts and the degree of salinity tolerance.


Salt, Vitis, cell death, photosynthesis, phenols

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