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$\beta$-Glucan is a natural polymer, which is widely studied due to its multiple immunomodulatory properties. In addition, recent findings indicate potent antitumor properties of $\beta$-glucan. Saccharomyces cerevisiae, baker's yeast, is one of the commonly used sources of $\beta$-1,3-glucan. The aim of this work was to investigate S. cerevisiae $\beta$-glucan immunomodulatory activity against cancer cells.In our experiments, BALB/c mice were fed with insoluble whole $\beta$-glucan particles, and then their blood was collected for experiments. MH-22a hepatoma cells were treated with the blood of mice fed with $\beta$-glucan, and tumor cell viability was investigated after the treatment.The obtained results demonstrated that leukocytes in vivoprimed with whole glucan particles, in combination with soluble $\beta$-glucan, decreased MH-22a hepatoma cell viabilityin vitro.Our study has indicated that $\beta$-glucan obtained from S. cerevisiae potentially primes mouse whole blood leukocytes to induce cell death of mouse hepatoma cells.

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