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Therapeutic proteins have shown to be effective against a variety of diseases. Pharmaceutical companies are progressively focusing on research using proteins in search of novel effective therapeutics. The significant attention by researchers has resulted in considerable advances in the production and usage of therapeutic proteins in recent years. In the current study we focused on the understanding of therapeutic proteins and their impact on the human health care system. Advancements in the field of biotechnology have increased and facilitated the production of therapeutically significant proteins to combat various fatal diseases. Although protein-based therapeutics have taken center stage in drug discovery and development and enhanced safety for human beings, certain challenges remain, including safety and immunogenicity issues, protein stability, and degradation issues. We made an attempt to discuss all possible factors that are linked with the basis of therapeutic proteins and possible challenges that are currently being faced by scientists during the development of these therapeutic proteins.


Therapeutic proteins, protein classification, production of therapeutic proteins, pharmacokinetics of therapeutic proteins, immunogenicity, protein stability, protein degradation

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