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The aim of this study was to determine phylogenetic relationships of 6 native cattle breeds of Turkey using 7 Y chromosome-specific microsatellite DNA markers. DNA samples were isolated from Anatolian Black, Anatolian Grey, South Anatolian Red, Native Southern Anatolian Yellow, East Anatolian Red, and Zavot cattle using a standard phenol/chloroform method. PCR products were separated by capillary electrophoresis and marker genotypes were determined. A total of 41 different alleles were observed. The mean allele number was 5.86 and mean F_{IS} value was 0.427 for all populations. The INRA189 locus was monomorphic for all populations except for South Anatolian Red. UMN0307 and INRA124 loci were monomorphic in the East Anatolian Red and Anatolian Black populations, respectively. The Anatolian Black population was assigned to its own population at a maximum level (78.26%). In this study, a taurine-specific allele was identified in the INRA124 locus. Zebu- and taurine-specific alleles were observed in BM861, INRA189, and UMN0103 loci. Allele 134 in INRA124 seems to be a specific allele of taurine or zebu. The alleles of the UMN0307 and UMN0504 loci need to be investigated for zebu- or taurine-specific alleles. The resulting neighbor-joining tree and structure analysis suggested that the breeds analyzed are consistent with their modern geographical locations.


Cattle, microsatellite, Turkey, Y chromosome

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