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The present study was carried out to determine the changes in some reserve molecules of safflower seeds during germination and early seedling growth. The seeds of 2 safflower cultivars were used as plant material (Dinçer 5-118 and Montola 2000). Seeds were germinated for 72 h and observations were taken every 12 h throughout the study. Changes in total oil content (%), total protein content (%), total soluble sugar contents (TSS, mg g^{-1}), and reducing sugar contents (RS, mg g^{-1}) were determined for each cultivar during germination and seedling growth. The oil content of the cultivars decreased from 54.7% and 57.4% to 49.5% and 45.1% for Dinçer 5-118 and Montola 2000, respectively. The total protein contents of Dinçer 5-118 and Montola 2000 were 32.5% and 28.0% at 0 h, and, at the end of the study, the total protein contents had decreased to 26.3% and 23.8%, respectively. The TSS and RS contents were lower at the end of the study; however, the amounts of TSS and RS varied throughout the study. Results suggest that significant changes took place in the oil, protein, and sugar metabolisms.


Carthamus tinctorius, germination, oil content, protein content, sugar

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