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The chemical composition and nutritional value of a wild edible ectomycorrhizal mushroom from southwestern Anatolia, Tricholoma anatolicum, were analyzed. Moisture, crude oil, protein, ash, total carbohydrate content, and mineral composition of the mushrooms studied, including Fe, Na, K, Zn, Cu, Ca, Cd, and Pb, were determined. The energy values of the samples were also calculated. The analyses were conducted during the 3 different growing stages of the mushrooms: mycelium, young fruiting bodies, and mature fruiting bodies. The highest values for moisture and crude oil contents were found to be in the mycelium, ash, and carbohydrate content of young fruiting bodies. In addition, Na content was found to be the highest in mycelium. The highest values for Fe were found in the young fruiting bodies, and K, Zn, Cu, and Ca were at their highest values in mature bodies. None of the samples contained heavy metals Cd or Pb.


Chemical composition, ectomycorrhizal mushroom, Tricholoma anatolicum

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