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: The present study aimed to determine the genetic relationship between Poa angustifolia and Poa trivialis as well as intraspecies genetic diversity using inter simple sequence repeat (ISSR) markers. ISSR amplification was evaluated for its applicability to narrow leaved bluegrass and rough bluegrass accessions identification. A total of 401 bands, 363 of which were polymorphic (90.52%), were generated using selected 20 primers. Genetic similarity between accessions belonging to Poa species was estimated using Nei's genetic similarity and UPGMA (unweighted pair group method with arithmetic) cluster analysis was used to construct a dendrogram. UBC836 and M6 primers were observed to be the most suitable for distinguishing between species. Because interspecies differences are especially important in plant breeding, M5 and UBC812 primers were ideal in distinction of P. trivialis and P. angustifolia accessions, respectively. Primer UBC856 was determined to be ideal in discrimination both intraspecies and interspecies. The ISSR fingerprinting technique used was confirmed to be a reproducible and sensitive tool for the identification of Poa accessions and for determination of the correct starting material for plant breeding.


Poa angustifolia, Poa trivialis, intersimple sequence repeat (ISSR), genetic relationship, genetic diversity

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