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A multifunctional endoxylanase producing Bacillus sp. was isolated from soil. Enzyme synthesis occurred at temperatures between 20 °C and 60 °C with an optimum 37 °C. Analysis of the enzyme by SDS-PAGE revealed 4 active enzyme bands, which were estimated to be 66.5 kDa, 80.6 kDa, 95.5 kDa, and 108.4 kDa. The enzyme has a broad temperature range, between 20 and 90 °C, with an optimum at 40 °C; and maximum activity was at pH 6.0. The enzyme showed a gradual decrease in the remaining activity as the pre-incubation temperature increase. Thermostability was not also increased in the presence of Ca^{2+}. An average of 71% of remaining activity observed when the enzyme incubated between pH 3.6 and 10 for 1 h. The enzyme was highly inhibited by urea, and fairly inhibited by Triton X-100, CaCl_2, ZnCl_2, KCl, Na_2SO_3 PMSF, and 2-Mercaptoethanol. The properties of the enzyme presented in this study suggest that this enzyme could be a potential industrial interest.


Bacillus sp., extracellular, endoxylanase, xylanase, multifunctional

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