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In this study we evaluated the dispersal ability of Trichogramma evanescens in field and storage conditions. In field studies we tested the effects of plant structure on the dispersal ability of T. evanescens from release points. Both in a corn field and on grapevines the level of parasitism was negatively correlated with distance when the host eggs were located away from the release point. The parasitization rate on grapevines and corn plants at the release point was greater than that away from the release point. Parasitization rates were significantly higher at the highest wasp density in cages. When 1000 wasps were released, the percentage of parasitized host eggs was 11.41%, and this rate increased to 29.75% and 62.06% when 2000 and 3000 wasps, respectively, were released. A similar trend was observed in plastic bags and increasing parasitoids caused a reduction in adult pest emergence.


Trichogramma evanescens, release, parasitization, dispersal ability

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