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Probiotics are a community of nutraceuticals. Their potential in functional foods serves to promote health or to prevent diseases. Ramping up of flavor profile is an ongoing trend in modern dairy, so designer products are at the forefront towards desired health, wellness and sensorial enjoyment of everyday life. In the present work, volatile compounds of a potentially beneficial culture, Leuconostoc paramesenteroides, isolated from cheddar cheese were studied for 21 days. Culture grown in MRS broth was taken out periodically and was extracted in dichloromethane in order to study the formation of volatile compounds over time. The results showed the presence of a large number of short chain fatty acids, namely pentadecanoic acid (12.21 mg %), known to have anti-arthritic property; nonadecanoic acid (13.99 mg %), which has anti-inflammatory action; benzoic acid, used as antiseptic (1.26 mg %), which showed a maximum yield after 16 h of incubation at 37 ºC in MRS broth; nonacosane, having antibacterial activity (50.62 mg %); hexacosane, known for hair pigmentation (34.4 mg %); and nonacosanol, known to reduce cholesterol (8.62 mg %), which was found to be maximum after 7 days of incubation. All these compounds are known to be therapeutically important.


Flavor profile, therapeutic application, GC-MS spectra, Leuconostoc paramesenteroides

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