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Surfactants are widely used in bakeries as dough strengtheners and dough improvers but there is a wide range of compounds available according to their mode of action that could potentially improve the quality of not only the simple breads and doughs but also of frozen dough. These types of product usually have a short shelf-life when compared with normal bakery products. With the increase in modernization and new trends in food products, consumers are becoming more and more aware and conscious about their diet and therefore their health as well. The quality of frozen dough bakery products could be improved by the use of different additives including surfactants, hydrocolloids, gum additives etc. These additives help to improve the quality of the frozen dough bakery products and increase the shelf-life. Several ingredients can be used for the production of frozen dough bread, the most important of which are flour, yeast and water. Bread improvers play an important role in both the dough and finished loaf volume, and aid dough development, improve the gas retention of the dough, improve dough tolerance to mechanical shock, speed up dough maturity, improve dough machine ability, reduce the rate of crumb firming bread staling, improve crumb structure and texture of the loaf, and improve loaf volume.


Surfactants, frozen dough, bread, ingredients

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