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The study reports a 3-step optimization to find out the effects of cytokinins BAP and TDZ on seed germination and g rays to induce mutations in 4 pea cultivars: Winner, Sprinter, Bolero and Karina. It was observed that germination was independent of the dose of g rays and was mainly affected by the germination capability of the genotypes and doses of BAP and TDZ in the germination medium. Seed germination was better on germination medium containing 50 µM BAP than 10 µM TDZ. Variable rooting was observed on shoots obtained from non-irradiated seeds germinated on MS medium containing 50 µM BAP. However, shoots of 2 cv. Winner irradiated with 60 Gy and Karina irradiated with 140 Gy g rays and germinated on 50 µM BAP showed reduced rooting. Abbreviations: g radiations: gamma radiations, BAP: 6 Benzylaminopurine, TDZ: Thidiazuron, NAA: a Naphthalene acetic acid, IBA: Indole 3 butyric acid.


Cytokinins, Gamma radiations, mutation, pea, Pisum sativum L, seed germination

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