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Sphorophytic pollen-stigma incompatibility is a characteristic of the genus Corylus. Incompatibility alleles expressed in the pollen of Turkish hazelnut cultivars were identified. Cultivars were selected from the field collection at Giresun, and were used as the pollen parents. Tester plants, whose S-alleles were known, were located in Ankara and Corvallis. Compatible crosses produced masses of long and parallel tubes while incompatible crosses produced very short tubes that often curved or ended with a pronounced bulb. The incompatibility alleles S_2, S_5, S_8, S_{10}, S_{12}, S_{21} and S_{24} were identified in the pollen of Turkish cultivars. Pollen of Palaz and Yuvarlak Badem expresses S_2, pollen of Foşa, Mincane and Sivri expresses S_8, pollen of Kan, Cavcava, Acı and Kargalak expresses S_{10}, pollen of İncekara, Kalınkara and Uzunmusa expresses S_{21}, pollen of Yassı Badem expresses S_5, pollen of Tombul expresses S_{12} and pollen of Çakıldak expresses S_{24}.


Corylus avellana, hazelnut, pollen-stigma incompatibility, fluorescence microscope

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