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The morphological structure of the venom apparatus of Allopecosa fabrilis was studied using scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The venom apparatus is situated in the prosoma and is composed of a pair of chelicerae and venom glands. Each chelicera consists of 2 parts, a stout basal part covered by hair, and a movable fang. A venom pore is situated on the subterminal part of the fang. Just below the fang, there is a cheliceral groove next to the teeth. Each side of the groove is covered with cuticular teeth. The venom glands are large and roughly cylindrical. Each gland is surrounded by completely striated muscular fibers. The venom produced in the venom glands by contraction of these muscular fibers is ejected into the fang through a canal and the venom pore.


Venom gland, chelicerae, scanning electron microscope, Allopecosa fabrilis, venom

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