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Esterase enzymes from 30 specimens of Arvicola terrestris in 4 localities in Kırşehir province were examined using starch gel electrophoresis and blood serum proteins from 27 specimens using SDS-PAGE. It was determined that the esterase enzyme had 2 alleles (A and B), which were coded by 1 locus. A and B allele frequencies were 0.362 and 0.638, respectively. The heterozygosity level was 0.5. It was determined that there were variations in the globulin, prealbumin and postalbumin regions, while the albumin region was monomorphic. There were 6-13 bands in the globulin region, 1-2 bands in the postalbumin zone and 2-4 bands in the prealbumin zone.


Arvicola terrestris, esterase, serum proteins, electrophoresis, Kırşehir

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