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Concentrations of three aluminium compounds significantly affected the mycelial extension of Trichoderma viride with low pH values growing on agar media, and the largest effect was recorded with aluminium chloride. Experiments in this work showed that there were significant relationships between Al concentration and pH in the Al inhibition of fungal activity on agar media. Different effects of aluminium concentration on the mycelial extension rate of eight fungal species inoculated on pH gradient plates were recorded. The spore germination of Phoma exigua and Cladosporium herbarum was reduced by increasing aluminium and acidity, and low pH increased the inhibitory effect of aluminium. Aluminium has an inhibitory effect itself at low pH and it may have an important effect on soil chemistry and microbial activity in the soils where air pollution is high.


Aluminium, buffering capacity, fungi germination, inhibition, pH.

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