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Wheat embryogenic callus was induced by treating immature wheat embryos with 2,4-D. Digoxigenin-labeled germin sense and anti-sense RNA probes were prepared by in vitro transcription. By using these probes it was revealed that there was a striking induction of germin gene expression prior to visible callus formation. Although no germin gene expression was localized on the sections of immature embryos which were not incubated in callus induction medium, following 4 hours incubation in callus induction medium, germin mRNA was localized on the sections of immature embryos. Germin gene expression more conspicuous and widespread on the sections which were incubated for 6 hours in callus induction medium. It was suggested that germin genes induced during callus formation were related to the remodeling of the cell wall to accomplish the transition from precocious germination to callus formation.


Callus, Germin, Auxin, Embryogenesis

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