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In this study, seeds were collected from 22 seed stands of Taurus cedar (Cedrus libani A. Rich.), and these seeds were sown at the Black Sea Technical University Nursery in 1995. The main morphological characteristics of 2+0 year old seedlings were measured in 1997. Values of seedling morphological distance were calculated using the Penrose formula to compare the origins in terms of morphological characteristics. According to the Penrose formula, when the values of morphological distance (P_{ij}) approach zero, the similarity between origins increases. Consequently, the most similar origins were Mugla-Arpacik and Isparta-Belcegiz2 (P_{18,22}=0.040), while the most different origins were Mersin-Aslankoy and Isparta-Belcegiz1 (P_{3,11}=13.890). Therefore, the Penrose formula should be used in the preparation of forest gene maps, and also, in the studies of fixing geographical variations and seed transfer regions.


Cedrus libani, Origin, Seedling, Morphological characteristics, Penrose formula

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