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Crustacean waste product (CWP) generated from the fishing industry could be used in diets for rainbow trout as an alternative animal protein. Some experiments have been undertaken with penaid species, showing that it is possible to partially replace fish meal with CWP in penaid feeds. This study has been designed to assess whether CWP could be used to partially replace fish meal in diets for rainbow trout. The results show that CWP improved the digestibility of the diet, yielding the highest performance, and also that the addition of large amounts of CWP to a low-protein diet did not depress appetite. Fish fed on a diet containing 47% protein and CWP had a feed conversion ratio of 0.79 and a percentage weight gain of 123.87 for marked fish and 147.57 for the whole stock. These results indicate that CWP may be recommended for use as an alternative to fish meal sparing in rainbow trout diets, but that partial replacement requires amino acid supplementation.


Rainbow trout, Crustacean Waste Products (CWP), food consumption, protein utilisation, food conversion ratio, growth, fish meal.

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