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Since the pure synthesis of transforming growth facto alpha (TGF\alpha) many attempts have been made in order to determine its distribution in various tissues. As a result of the complexitiy of the cyclic periods throughout experimental models, it is not easy to determine the distribution of TGF\alpha in the system. Especially the pre-and through-gestational pattern of TGF\alpha in rat ovary has not been reported fully. Furthermore, the shortage of literature about intracellular desmin and laminin, fibronectin of different intermediate filaments whether they have any interaction with TGF\alpha through this period, makes the subject worth discussing. Immunocytochemical techniques were utilized in order to elucidate the presence and cellular distribution in rat ovarian tissues of different reproductive stages using monoclonal/polyclonal antibodies against these proteins. Our results indicate that the rat ovarial tissue was immunostained for both TGF\alpha and intermediate filaments. Although TGF\alpha was immunoreactive for all stages from primordial to Graafian follicles, this reaction was not present in stromal elements. Desmin was localized sparsely through some stromal cells, blood vessel walls and around developing follicles of day nineteen pregnant rat ovary. Laminin was localized at the basal laminae of thecal cells and blood vessel endothelia. Fibronectin immunoreactivity was observed commonly around the luteal cells. The results of this study show evidence for the immunolocalization of TGF\alpha and intermediate filaments in rat ovarian tissue in various phases of the menstrual cycle which indicate their presence in this tissue and suggest a role in rat ovarian function.


Rat, ovary, transforming growth factor alpha (TGF\alpha), laminin, desmin, fibronectin, immunohistochemistry.

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