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The inheritance of the morphogenetical characters determining the plant types, maternal and cytoplasmic effects on oleic and linoleic acids in sesame was determined. The results obtained from the F 1 generation indicated that 1) bicarpellate capsule was dominant over quadricarpellate, 2) single capsule per leaf axil was dominant over three-capsule 3) branched stem type was dominant over non-branched stem type, 4) lobed leaf shape was dominant over simple or ovate leaf shape, 5) hairiness was dominant over hairless, 6) colored seed coat color was dominant over white seed coat color. The results obtained from the F 2 generation indicated that inheritance of all these characters mentioned above were monogenic with 3:1 segregation ratios. it was not only obtained 3:1 segregation ratios but also epistatic segregations as 9:4:3 and 9:3:4 ratios for seed coat color. Although the maternal effect on oleic and linoleic acids were found high, the cytoplasmic effect was found to be negligible level.


Sesame, Sesamum indicumL., plant type, inheritance, maternal and cytoplasmic effects

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