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The transition of a quiescent plant embryo into a vigorously growing embryo revealed some nascent synthesis of gene products, among them germin has been characterized. Germin is a water soluble homopentameric glycoprotein whose synthesis and accumulation appear to be closely related to early wheat embryo development. Germin synthesis was monitored by employing an anti-germin serum which had been pre-adsorbed with wheat extract and optimized in order to decrease nonspecific binding. Germin accumulation was shown to occur in germinating embryos from 16h up to 6 day post-imbibition. Germin as a rare protein in wheat seedlings was detected as a dark band on X-rays in amounts as small as 20 µl protein extracts. Neither germin in mature wheat plant organs nor germinated embryos were detected prior to 16 hours of imbibition.


Early Wheat development, Germin, Western blotting.

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