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The effect of plant growth hormones (kinetin, gibberellic acid (GA 3) and indole acetic acid (IAA)) on EMS-induced mutant wing spots was studied with the somatic mutation and recombination test (SMART) in Drosophila melanogaster.GA 3 reduced all kinds of EMS-induced spot. While a 10 -3 M concentration of kinetin reduced only the number of EMS-induced twin spots, a 10 -4 M concentration was seen to increase the number of all types of spot. The same concentrations of IAA gave variable results. A 10 -4 M concentration of IAA caused a decrease only in the number of large single spots. Our results confirmed that plant growth hormones, especially GA 3 , can act as a bio-antimutagen.


Ethyl Methanesulphonate, Gibberellic Acid, Indole Acetic Acid, Kinetin, Antimutagenicity, Somatic Mutation and Recombination Test, Drosophila melanogaster.

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