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In this work sitotoxic and mutagenic effects Olive Oil Mill Effluent (OOME) on the root tips of Triticum aestivumL. were investigated. In this purpose, germination rate of seeds, mitotic division abnormalities and total protein amounts were evaluated. The seeds kept in various OOME concentrastions, it was determinated that germination rate decreased, whilst mitotic abnormalities and mitotic cell division frequency increased. Especially, the increased cell division frequency was of significance, almost several times higher than the control group. The cells having multinucleus or fragmented nucleus and numerical or sutructural mutations were also found. Furthermore it was observed that total protein amounts were fallen depending on the concentration and time of the treatment. Consequently, it was concluded that OOME has direct toxic effects on the nuclear matter and protein synthesis.


Olive Oil Mill Effluent (OOME), Triticum aestivum (wheat), cytotoxic effect, mutagenic

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