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In this study, 34 white cheeses and 16 civil (local name) cheeses purchased from markets and shops in Erzurum during the period of January 1995-April 1996 were analysed. The samples were streaked directly onto LSA and Palcam Agar media in Petri Plates and incubated at 37C° for 48 hours. After the incubation, the growing colonies on LSA-agar plates were examined by Henry's Modified IIIumination Method while collonies on Palcam agar were examined by naked eye. Typical colonies were selected and used for several biochemical tests. As a result, it was found that only one sample (2.94%) of the white cheeses examined was found to contain three Listeria spp. (2 L. monocytogenes and 1 L. innocua). On the other hand, only one sample (6.25%) of a total of 16 civil cheeses examined was found to contain one Listeria sp ( L. monocytogenes ). The results were discussed in light of the literature.


Listeria, Cheese, Isolation

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