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The effects of the Sanicula europaea L. rhizome extracts on influenza virus replication in MDCK cells were investigated. Four different fractions (Fr.I R , Fr.II R , Fr. III R , Fr. IV R ) were obtained from the crude extract of Sanicula europaea L. rhizomes through Sephadex G-100 gel filtration col-umn chromatography. Fr.I R , Fr.II R , and Fr. III R , were found to be non-toxic to MDCK cells up to a con-centration of 100 ?g/ml. However, Fr. IV R was found to be slightly toxic at a concentration of 100 ?g/ml. The antriviral activity of non-toxic fractions (Fr.I R , Fr.II R , and Fr. III R ) against influenza virus-es was tested by plaque inhibition test. The replication of influenza A/PR/8/34 viruses was inhibited by these fractions. The highest activity against influenza A/PR/8/34 was found in Fr.II R ..Influenza A/Vic/1/75 produced microscopic plaques in the presence of the extract. However, the same fractions were not effective against influenza B/Lee/40. These observations show that the Sanicula rhizome extract contains an anti-influenza A virus substance.


Sanicula europaea L., Influenza, Antiviral.

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