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The aim of these studies is to analyze, by immunohistochemical methods, the emergence and distribution of vimentin and desmin in stromal cells of rat endometrium in early pregnancy and determine their role in decidualization and implantation biology. For this purpose totally 1-8 days pregnant 64 female and 32 male rats were used. On first day of pregnancy vimentin and third day of pregnancy desmin were staining respectively in the endometrial stromal tissue of rat. Although vimentin was seen during the early pregnancy, following the day 5 of pregnancy when the implantation begins interestingly desmin was only located in the antimezometrial region. The results demonstrated that early pregnancy in endometrial stroma of rat the appearance time of vimentin and desmin was different because of cell differentiation process. The different reaction for decidualization which is presented by desmin was during implantation confined to the antimezometrial region. We concluded that these two intermediate filaments have important roles during decidualization and implantation process.


Endometrium, Decidualization, Implantation, Desmin, Vimentin, Rat.

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