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The effects of powdered Fagonia cretica plant and its two major triterpenoid saponins (saponin-I and saponin-II) on various blood endocrinological parameters. Prolactin namely, serum pro-lactin, serum thyrotropin, serum thyroxine and serum cortisol of normal male rabbits were investi-gated. Two major triterpenoid compounds, saponin-I and saponin-II, were isolated from its ethanolic extract by repeated chromatography on silica gel, sephadex LH-20 and on biogel P-2. These com-pounds were identified after comparing their values of 1 H NMR and 13 C NMR chemical shifts with pre-viously reported values of similar compounds. Radio-immunological assay was used for the estimation of blood hormones of crude drug and saponin-treated animals using radioactive I 125 . The radioactiv-ity of the standard and the unknown specimen in each case was then measured on NE-1612 gamma scintillation counter for 90 seconds. Both the saponins in 30 mg doses had significant decrease in pro-lactin and in the serum TSH levels as compared with crude drug treatment and control groups. The thyroxine level was also significantly reduced by saponin-II in a 30 mg dose while the crude drug and saponin-I had non-significant effects on thyroxine after 16 days. A significant increase in serum corti-sol occurred with the crude drug in a 1g dose and with both saponins in 30 mg roses. Maximum increase in the serum cortisol occurred with saponin-II after 16 days.


Triterpenoid saponin glycosides, endocrinological parameters, serum prolactin, serum thy-rotropin, serum thyroxine, serum cortisol and Fagonia cretica L.

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