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The antimicrobial activities of valex (an extract of valonia), the extracts of mimosa bark, gallnut powders, Salvia aucheri var. aucheri and Phlomis bourgei were studied. The antimicrobial efficiency of the above plants was evaluated according to the disk diffusion method by using Bacillus brevis FMC 3, Bacillus subtilis IMG 22, Bacillus cereus EÜ, Escherichia coli DM, Pseudomanas aeruginosa DSM 50071, Staphylococcus aureus Cowan 1, Listeria monocytogenes A, Micrococcus luteus LA 2971, Klebsiella pneumoniae FMC 5, Mycobacterium smegmatus RUT, Proteus vulgaris FMC 1 bacteria , and Alternaria alternata MDC 97, Penicillium italicum MDC 101, Fusarium equisetii C, and Candida albicans fungi. The findings indcated that mimosa bark extracts having an inhibition zone of 11-31 mm had the maximum antibacterial efficiency, followed by valex, gallnut powders, Salvia aucheri var. aucheriand Phlomis bourgei extracts, respectively. Furthermore, it was found that gallnut powders and the extracts of mimosa barks only, containing high amounts of tannins, showed the antifungal efficiency, However the others did not.


Valex; Mimosa bark; Gallnut powders; Salvia aucheri var. aucheri; Phlomis bourgei; Antimicrobial activity

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