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This study is intended to be a contribution to the determination of the genetic structure of the Turkish population. For this purpose, esterase D (ESD), an erythrocyte enzyme, and ABO blood group loci phenotypes from the blood samples of two hundred healthy and unrelated individuals from different regions of Turkey were determined. ESD enzyme phenotypes were determined by cellulose acetate electrophoresis, and ABO blood group phenotypes were determined by the aglutination test; in this way, allele frequencies were calculated. It was determined that the allele frequencies of the ESD enzyme were ESD*1=0.807±0.019, and ESD*2=0.193±0.019. The allele frequencies of the ABO blood groups were A=0.257, B=0.103 ve O=0.639. The ABO blood group system was in confirmity (c 2 =0.294, p>0.05) with the Hardy-Weinberg law. However, the ESD system exhibited significantly different frequencies (c 2 =38.22, p


ESD, enzyme, polymorphism, phenotype.

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