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The cytological properties of megasporogenesis, megagametogenesis, proembryo and endosperm of the Sternbergia lutea(L.) Ker-Fawle ex sprengel ( Amaryllidaceace) plant were observed with a light microscope. It was observed that the ovules are of hemianatropous, bitegmic and pseudocrassinucellate types and the female archesporial cell developed directly into a megasporocyte. While the chalazal diad formed by successive meiosis of megasporocyte degenerates, micropylar diad underwent mitosis simultaneously forming an embryo sac of eight nuclei. Two synergids and an egg cell on the micropyle side, three antipod cell on the chalaza side and a secondary nucleus near the antipods were seen in a mature embryo sac. Filiform apparatus were clearly observed in the synergid cells. Unlike the Amaryllidaceae taxa, the embryo sac formation of the S. lutea (L.) Ker-Gawler ex Sprengel plant was observed to be of the 'bisporic' type and the 8-nucleused 'Endymion' type. It was also observed that initial divisions of the primary endosperma nucleus was of the Helobial type and a two celled proembryo was formed by zygote with mitosis. But in the following phases, embryo and endosperma development were not observed; neither were seed and fruit formation in the plant.


Sternbergia lutea (L.) Ker-Gawl. Ex Sprengel, Cytoembryology, Megasporogenesis, Megagametogenesis, Proembryo, Endosperm.

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