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In this work, the effects of cigarette smoke on the germination of a monocot ( Triticum aestivum cv. Cumhuriyet) and a dicot ( Cucumis sativus cv. Beit alpha) seeds and on the subsequent morphogenetic formations have been investigated. In addition, the interaction between externally applied plant growth substances and these phenomena have been dealt with. The results we have obtained may be summarized as follows: The application of cigarette smoke have inhibited the seed germination in both species while this pollutant was present in germination medium, the seeds regained their germination ability as soon as being transferred to a smoke-free medium. The same situation was also observed for morphogenetic formations. The inhibitory effects of cigarette smoke on the germination or growth have not been alleviated by concommittant growth substance application.


Cigarette smoke, plant growth substance, germination.

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