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Effects of salt (NaCl) and putrescine (Put.) and various combinations of these (salt+Put.) on germination and some early growth parameters of sunflower ( Helianthus annuus L. var. Santafe) plants, grown under the controlled conditions, were investigated. Salt was used in 3 different con-centrations (50, 100, 200mM) and also, Put. was applied in 3 levels (0.01, 1, 2 mM). The salt treat-ment alone inhibited or delayed the seed germination, depending on concentration. Furthermore, some growth parameters (length of radicle, fresh and dry weights) studied in germination period were adversely affected by salt. In the treatment alone of Put., regardless of the concentration, it was found to be ineffective on germination percentage as well as on some growth parameters under investiga-tion. However, the use of salt+Put. combinations at various concentrations stimulated the germination of seeds under the salt stress. Particularly in 200mM NaCl+1 and/or 2mM Put. combinations, Put. completely overcame the germination-inhibiting effect of salt and so the germinations in these combi-nations, as compared to their controls, were increased as much as 4.57 and 3.21 fold respectively. It was also shown that the length of radicle, fresh and dry weights in the same salt+Put. combinations were increased significantly.


Sunflower, salt stress, polyamines, putrescine, germination, length of radicle, fresh and dry weights

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