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The aim of this study was to investigate the structural asymmetry between the hemispheres by comparing the number of pyramidal cells in the right dorsal hippocampus with left dorsal hippocampus in the rabbit brain. Six adult domestic New Zeland rabbits were used in experiments. All animals were perfused intracardially with neutral formaline (10 %) under deep aneasthesia. The serial frontal sections were stained with thionin. The rostro-caudal level of these sections were determined by using a stereotaxic atlas of the rabbit brain. The number of pyramidal neurons was determined by counting identifiable neurons which had distict nucleus and nucleolus. The number of cell per milimeter was calculated in both side of dorsal hippocampus under light microscope with a magnification of 400 X. The results were analysed by using "student t" test. It's identified that from the literary point of view density in the right and left hippocampal pyramidal cells have an asymmettry but not important statistically (P>0.05).


Rabit, hippocampus, pyramidal cell, asymmetry.

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