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Variuos viral, bacterial, plant and animal proteins which are important for medicinal, industrial and agricultural aspects, have been synhesized via expression vector systems have great importance in biotechnology. Baculoviruses, used as a good model system in molecular biology studies, a biological control agent in agriculture and an expression vector for synthesis of important proteins, opened up a significant period for recombinant DNA technology and protein production. Desired foreign genes, code for various products such as drug, toxin and nutrient substances, can be replaced with viral genes which are not essasial for replication of baculovirus in cell culture. Priority and advantages of baculoviruses, compare to other expression vectors, made them an important area of biotehnology. However, the continuing studies to develop more effective expression vector and to understand the molecular mechhanism of virus replication will make baculoviruses more signigicant material of biotechnology in the future.


Baculovirus, expression vector, biotechnology

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