Turkish Journal of Biology

Detection of Tobacco Mosaic Virus by Monoclonal Antibody MAM-1F5




TMV is a single-stranded RNA virus. It causes disease (with mosaic appearance) in many plant species. The most common infected plant is tobacco, which is of economic importance for Turkey. Immunochemical techniques are widely used in the accurate diagnosis of antigens derived from plant pathogenic microorganisms. Although polyclonal sera have served well over the years, the monospecificty of monoclonal antibodies makes them considerably more suitable. In this study, we developed a hiybrid cell (MAM-1F5) producing a monoclonal antibody specific to TMV for use in specific and sensitive serologic detection of TMV. By using an indirect ELISA method based on the monoclonal antibody, we were able to detect the TMV antigen at a 1 µg concentration and observe regional specificity in TMV contamination.


TMV, hybridoma technology, MAM-1F5, ELISA.

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