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The Effect of Diclofenac Sodium Administered During Prenatal Life on Dorsal Hippocampal pyramidal Cell Number in 20 Week-Old Male Rats




The effect of diclofenac sodium on pyramidal neuron number of dorsal hippocampal of postnatal 20 week-old male rats which are exposed to this drug during intrauterinal Iife was investigated. Diclofenac sodium, 1 g/kg/Day, was injected to pregnant female albino rats beginning from 5th day of pregnancy to 20th day. To those of controls were given 1 ml physiologic saline in the same period. The treatment and the control groups of male rats were perfused with formalin and their brains were embedded in paraffin. Consecutive sections obtained from blocks were stained with thionin. The pyramidal cells of dorsal hippocampus were counted at a Iight microscope. Mean cell densities per millimeter in the right and the Ieft dorsal hipocampi of the treatment and the control groups, 20-week old male rats, were compared with each other, at the five Ievels. In the treatment group, cell Ioss has been observed (p


Diclofenac sodium, pregnancy, male albino rats, dorsal hippocampus, pyramidal neuron loss.

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