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Production of Cellulase By Shake Flask Method




Cellulase is a multi enzyme complex. which includes endo-\beta-1,4 glucanases. exo-\beta-1,4 glucanases and \beta-glucosidases. The different components of this enzyme bring about the complete degradation of cellulose to monosaccharide residues. There are many uses of cellulases in food. textile and detergent industries. In this work cellulase was produced by growing Trichoderma reese‹ QM 9414 mutant strain on some waste materials which contain cellulose and on some raw materials which are used in the food industry. The highest enzyme activity, which was 1.22 FPU/ml. was obtained by making some modifications in the production stage.


Cellulase. Trichoderma reesei, alternative carbon sources, production medium modifications

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