Turkish Journal of Biology

Microfungi Flora Occurrence in the Corn Fields of European Part of Turkey-1


Ahmet ASAN




In this preliminary work. microfungi flora of Thrace (European Turkey) was investigated. Soil samples were collected using sterile conditions from six corn fields in the province of Edirne. The "Soil Dilution Plate Method" was used as an isolation procedure. A Total of 7 genera (Aspergillus. Fusarium. Gliocladium. Myrothecinum. Paecilomyces. Penicillum and Trichoderma) and 12 species (Aspergillus wentii. A. terricola. A. awamori. Penicillum funiculosum. P. sartoryi. P. rubrum. P. restrictum. Paecilomyces variotii. Myrothecium roridum. Fusarium t7occiferum ve Gliocladium roseum) were identified. Of those. P. sartoryi is a newly discovered for soil mycoflora in Turkey. P. funiculosum was found to be the most common species. it was found that the number of microfungi in 1 gr of soil is varied between 142.000 - 249.000 CFU (Coloni Forming Unit).


Microfungus, Flora, Thrace, Soil, Corn

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